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Southern Yellow Pine

Known for its strength and durability, southern Yellow Pine (SYP) grows in the southern United States from Virginia to Florida and West to the Piney Woods of Texas. 

Whether you are framing your next home or designing an outdoor living space to enjoy with your family and friends, SYP lumber is a great choice.  

Builders select SYP lumber for almost every purpose. In residential construction, SYP is used in many structural applications such as joists, rafters, roof trusses and laminated beams. Durable and economical, SYP is increasingly being used for industrial applications like pallets and specialty crating to commercial framing for hotels, apartments, college dorms and senior living facilities.

SYP also readily absorbs preservatives, so it is also a preferred choice for treated wood applications and outdoor living uses such as wooden decks, patios and other outdoor construction. 

With such a wide variety of  uses for this beautiful wood, SYP is a smart, adaptable choice for your next project. 

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4x4, 4x6, 6x6, 8’- 16’ tallies

#1, #2 , #3, #4

2x4 thru 2x12 , 8’ - 20’ tallies

C & Btr

2x4, thru 2x12, 8' - 16' tallies

Decking 5/4x6 Standard and Premium, 8' - 16'

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Southern Yellow Pine KD Commons, Selects and Factory

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Species: Pinus strobus
Sources: USA, Eastern Canada
Characteristics of the tree: A medium-size tree about 100 ft in height and up to 3 ft in diameter.
Characteristics of the wood: A soft and weak pine, fine even texture and inconspicuous annual growth rings. It is pale yellow to pale brown with fine resin-duct marks. It is noted for its low shrinkage and stability, but it is not durable.
Workability: Works easily with hand and machine tools, which must be kept sharp for best results. It is a good wood to carve and it glues well.
Average dried weight: 26 lb per cubic ft
Finishing: It takes stain, paint, varnish and polish well.
Common uses: Engineering pattern making, drawing boards, high-class joinery, furniture, light building construction, carving.